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Experience Matters

Mittwoch, März 17, 2010

There is a section on the Guardian website that deals with service design or experience design if you prefer this term. There are some articles worth reading.
For someone who started his career in digital marketing it is quite obvious that a well designed and executed service can extend and differentiate a product or can even be the product itself.

The difficult thing - apart from designing a flawless experience - is to find a service that fits with the product and the brand. Especially if you develop the product first and think about the service that could extend the product in a second step or even worse after the product is finally launched.

That’s one reason why the Apples iPod is so successful (market share >70%) they develop the content management & distribution service iTunes and the iPod as a ecosystem – or walled garden as I would call it.

Still it is a service that made consumers’ life a lot easier and differentiated the product from competitors’ products as competitors only provided a piece of hardware with no service attached.
Same with the iPhone as explained in this article from the Guardian :

“Owning an iPhone, for instance, is just the beginning: it’s what you can do with it – the “apps” – that matter.”

Anyway I still don’t own an iPhone. Why? Cause Appels’ iTunes service ruined my mp3 folder structure…. so thanks for the service guys.

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