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The client´s brief

Montag, August 17, 2009

An interesting Adage article about the quality of client briefs with - as expected - shocking results.

More than half (54%) of respondents said fewer than 40% of client briefs give them clear indication of what’s expected from their agencies. Of that number, 30% said only 1% to 10% of briefs provide clear performance expectations.

The agencies responded that clients are best when it comes to identifying budget parameters and communicating the desired image and brand positioning.
Client briefs were ranked poorest when it came to providing competitive information and describing how a client’s offering ranked in the competitive landscape.
Another issue that has been addressed is that a lot of people on the client’s side are involved and that those decision makers define different priorities and targets. As a result the brief gets revised a lot of times over the course of a project.

They said ideally fewer than three client decision makers should provide an agency with direction during the course of a project, compared with a current average of more than five.

What makes the whole thing even worse is that the briefing gets handed over to many different disciplines/ specialized agencies (media, online ATL, etc.) and they all start to interpret the briefing according to their needs and then define a strategy and write a creative brief - Well shit in, shit out.

The reason for this is not that all clients are morons it’s because they have never been trained on how to write a brief - so they simply copy and past an old one – plus companies’ organizational structures created many silos and people only care about their own area of responsibility and not about the broader context.

But many agencies are still structured in the same way which makes things even worse.

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