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Trans-media Storytelling

Sonntag, Juli 20, 2008

Just found this post via Faris’ blog. It deals with Coke’s trans-media storytelling approach. It is interesting and delivers some valuable information.
Still if you read through the key pillars of this “new” approach it is not that new and surprising.

1. Trans-media Storytelling is about extending an ad or entertainment property across multiple touchpoints.
2. Trans-media Storytelling is narrative driven, so in that respect, the idea/ solution never ages.
3 . Trans-media Storytelling requires significant initial investment but generates real money

The first two points should be fulfilled by almost every communication idea in these days as multiple communication channels are relevant and used and people don’t want to be exposed to brainless ads.
So an idea/ story should be able to expand across several channels and of course it should not be a one-shot.
What’s great is that they understood that high quality content for multiple platforms costs money. Seems to be obvious but a lot of advertisers did not get to this point yet.

They might increase their online media budget to spread their message like wildfire but fail to deliver a brand experience and valuable content after people clicked on the ad.
Yes, the majority of brands overspend on the awareness part of there communication but fail to deliver on the brand experience part - content, service, POS, you name it.

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