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What the Hell is wrong with trend agencies?

Dienstag, Februar 12, 2008

A great article about the trend business form psfk.
It’s really incredible how many so called trend consultants offer their service to agencies and their clients. Terms like “micro trends” seem to be a trend of their own and a lot of companies pay lots of money to access generic information – I mean trends…


Yes, technology, digitalization, globalisation and other facts have an impact on almost every business, but almost none of the trend companies offer a road map or any kind of consultancy how to deal with all those changes and emerging trends.

In the worst case you receive access to aggregated information that’s available for free on the internet and that is most likely not relevant for your business…

Great quote from the article:

In Summary, the trends business is a walled business that uses smoke and mirrors to protect it. It preaches from on high what the trends are without much transparency about what their recommendations were based on. In an era of Google inspired freedom

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