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Archive for Januar, 2010

The future of planning

Donnerstag, Januar 7, 2010

PSFK & Redscout’s SPUR interviewed some top-notch planers and asked them what they think the future of planning will be. As they interviewed some very smart people it is not very surprising that they came-up with some very interesting thoughts and observations. Speaking of observations Robin Hafitz and Dan Cherry are hitting the nail on the head (starting at 0:45 minutes and 02:42).

Dan Cherry also says that “Clients will increasingly actually be in competition with agencies”. Well I think some clients will try to solve business problems on their own as they think – and quit often they are right – that agencies are not capable to provide an appropriate solution as most of them are still to focused on pushing out consistent messages via paid mass media.
The hole series of interviews deals with the reinvention / evolution of planning which at the end can only be achieved if the overall business model of agencies gets reinvented.

10 crucial consumer trends and other stuff worth reading

Montag, Januar 4, 2010

Trend watching dot com: 10 crucial consumer trends

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