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The client´s brief

Montag, August 17, 2009

An interesting Adage article about the quality of client briefs with - as expected - shocking results.

More than half (54%) of respondents said fewer than 40% of client briefs give them clear indication of what’s expected from their agencies. Of that number, 30% said only 1% to 10% of briefs provide clear performance expectations.

The agencies responded that clients are best when it comes to identifying budget parameters and communicating the desired image and brand positioning.
Client briefs were ranked poorest when it came to providing competitive information and describing how a client’s offering ranked in the competitive landscape.
Another issue that has been addressed is that a lot of people on the client’s side are involved and that those decision makers define different priorities and targets. As a result the brief gets revised a lot of times over the course of a project.

They said ideally fewer than three client decision makers should provide an agency with direction during the course of a project, compared with a current average of more than five.

What makes the whole thing even worse is that the briefing gets handed over to many different disciplines/ specialized agencies (media, online ATL, etc.) and they all start to interpret the briefing according to their needs and then define a strategy and write a creative brief - Well shit in, shit out.

The reason for this is not that all clients are morons it’s because they have never been trained on how to write a brief - so they simply copy and past an old one – plus companies’ organizational structures created many silos and people only care about their own area of responsibility and not about the broader context.

But many agencies are still structured in the same way which makes things even worse.

Context & Cultur

Dienstag, Juli 28, 2009

Digital OOH

Montag, Juli 27, 2009

A large scale projection on the “Galerie der Gegenwart in Hamburg” realized by Urban Screen. Impressive!

555 KUBIK_ extended version from urbanscreen on Vimeo.


Meeting Ticker

Mittwoch, Juli 22, 2009

I bet you also spent a lot of time in useless or at least inefficient meetings.
So maybe you should project this on a wall in the conference room
Wonder if this would change the course of the meeting…

The Black Swan + Cleverness is overrated

Montag, April 20, 2009

Just finished reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book the Black Swan. The book is great. Well actually the first part is great and the end is great, but the middle is kind of boring. If you want to know what the book is about watch this video and read these 10 principles of a black swan.

Anyway today if stumbled across this post from David Hepworth who refers to the 10 principles and puts the Black Swan phenomenon into a slightly different context:

For instance, I find it hard to believe that there is anyone at the top of any of our big media organisations who really understands how web advertising and marketing really works. I suspect they’re glad that nobody ever asks them.

Well I’m quit sure he is right with this one.

If Taleb is looking for an eleventh principle, I’d suggest a rather broader point. I use it to bore and occasionally encourage my children. It’s this. “Cleverness is overrated.”


Interactive Video Content

Mittwoch, August 20, 2008

Just found the two examples for interactive video content. Via Punk Planning

YouTube offers a rather new technology that allows you to execute some engaging and really interactive video content.

SEO Rap…

Freitag, Juni 27, 2008

As I don’t manage to write a post… an other video ;-)

The SEO Rapper on design coding! Wacky rap style but great lyrics.
Check it out…

More stuff from MoSerious

Food Fight

Samstag, März 29, 2008

What the Hell is wrong with trend agencies?

Dienstag, Februar 12, 2008

A great article about the trend business form psfk.
It’s really incredible how many so called trend consultants offer their service to agencies and their clients. Terms like “micro trends” seem to be a trend of their own and a lot of companies pay lots of money to access generic information – I mean trends…


Yes, technology, digitalization, globalisation and other facts have an impact on almost every business, but almost none of the trend companies offer a road map or any kind of consultancy how to deal with all those changes and emerging trends.

In the worst case you receive access to aggregated information that’s available for free on the internet and that is most likely not relevant for your business…

Great quote from the article:

In Summary, the trends business is a walled business that uses smoke and mirrors to protect it. It preaches from on high what the trends are without much transparency about what their recommendations were based on. In an era of Google inspired freedom

Apple’s preferred source of inspiration

Montag, Januar 28, 2008

A great article form Gizmodo.
Old and new design classics with a surprising similarity – or as Pablo Picasso once said:

Good artists copy, great artists steal.