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Everything is a Remix, Part 2

Freitag, Februar 4, 2011

Like the first part Everthing is a Remix 2 is a great piece of well edited documentary content created by Kirby Ferguson. It’s really amazing. I’m still wondering where Kirby gets all this information from and how he is able to put it into the right contect.

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Strategy for the Post-Digital Age

Samstag, Dezember 25, 2010

by Faris Yakob

Everything is a Remix, Part 1

Mittwoch, September 15, 2010

TED: A monkey economy as irrational as ours

Montag, August 2, 2010

Before leaving the office I had to figure out that our minds are designed badly and we behave as irrational as monkeys. This explains a lot. Need a beer now ;-)

Thoughts from Fallon regarding the role of Digital Strategy

Montag, Juli 5, 2010

Fallon Brainfood x VCU Brandcenter: The Engagement Opportunity

Rory Sutherland: Sweat the small stuff

Dienstag, Juni 15, 2010

Rory Sutherland talks about how small things / ideas can solve big problems and why many flashy, expensive fixes are not necessary better.

The Post-Digital Brief

Montag, April 26, 2010

Via Gareth Kay

Awesome Facebook Concept

Donnerstag, November 19, 2009

Think BIG

Mittwoch, September 30, 2009

Universal McCann: Social Media Report Wave4

Sonntag, August 23, 2009